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Protect Yourself from being a Victim

STOP! Clean out your purse or wallet.

Some people are walking around with valuable information on their possession. No, I am not talking about driver's license or credit cards. There are people who still have not taken their Social Security Card out of their wallet or purse. Remember carry what you need for that day and anything exposed, like a phone, makes one vulnerable. Therefore, below are a few tips:

1. Bright lights and loud noises can deter assailant(s).

2. Pay attention to surroundings even when dropping keys or looking for something in a bag.

3. Never give an unfamiliar person, the time unless you already know it. Either way, keep moving, look quickly in their eyes while walking away.

4. When entering the car, immediately lock the doors.

5. Look around before getting out the car, rather in a driveway, waiting for the train or parking lot. Mothers, always be vigilant, not scared, but alert.

6. Take a self defense class.

7. Finally, when all else fails, GIVE UP THE ITEM(s)! You and your family are more important than material things.

If keys are taken or stolen, call MrQuickPick (240-244-1642) to rekey or replace your locks. We KNOCK OUT Lockouts, and LOCK IN security with peace of mind.

(Note: Pray before leaving the house. )

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