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Old Mother Keybert

Life is funny. Dreams are even funnier.

Here’s something I’d like to share with you. Don’t worry, I got permission to share her story.

Old Mother Keybert, lived in a boat on the Potomac River that looked like a boot.

She had so many grown children, she didn’t know what to do.

Everybody wanted a key:

  • to the front door

  • to the back door

  • to the backyard gate which had a latch, no key needed

  • the garage door and none of her children had a car

  • for her office door in case they wanted to look for a job on her computer

  • and even, her car door

So she called a locksmith.

I think it was MrQuickPick, at 240-244-1642, because he had on a black shirt and beige pants.

Anyway, the locksmith came and assessed the situation wearing a black shirt that said MrQuickPick.

He designed her the perfect master key system. Even stamped “Master” on her one and only key.

Old Mother Keybert was thrilled to the bone. Everyone had a front door key, that mimic hers and none for the rest of her home.

The grown children were OK with that, but I think they got the message. “Time to move out.”


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