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Why Lock Your Doors When You Are Right There?

Why should you lock your doors when you are preoccupied? Why should you lock your doors when you are in the same room as the front door?

I know you think you will be able to overpower the intruder. But 5 out of 10 times you will probably preoccupied doing something else and might miss him or her. Having your headphones on while around the house limits your awareness. As well as, taking a shower or cooking, will create enough noise to cover the sound of an intruder.

Always be aware of what you are doing and be prepared for an emergency. Keep your doors locked. Criminals are risk takers, rather you are home or not, locked storm door or not. Intruders can be tricky. Therefore protect yourself with locked doors and alarm systems that chime or make noises that force you out of sleep or being in a relaxed state. And always lock entrances that you cannot assess where you do not frequent.

Be proactive, be practical, and be aware. Simple steps that keep you safe in the house and outside your home. If you have any questions about what we discussed in this blog, call MrQuickPick at 240-244-1642 or email For the type of services we offer check


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