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So you think locksmith work is easy...

My cousin and I thought that putting a lock on my Aunt's door was going to be an easy task. You see I am the wife of a Locksmith and my cousin is the cousin-in-law of a Locksmith. Therefore, you know we knew what we were doing.

It turns out that it is harder than we thought. I contacted my husband after we tried for over an hour. He is MrQuickPick. A licensed locksmith whom I believe is great when it comes to anything related to locks.

It took him about a minute to assess the situation and smile. Then he went to work. He didn't say a word until I asked, "Why couldn't we get it to work?" His answer, "You had it upside down."

I tell you this story because just because everyone thinks they can do locksmith work, really can't. Always look for a professional when it comes to the security of your home. It can be the difference between a burglar pushing in a deadbolt that isn't properly installed to a burglar being discouraged because entry takes to long.

Be safe. Take the time to find the best Locksmith for the job. I highly recommend, MrQuickPick.

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