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7 Places to Never Hide Your Keys

We all do it...thinking we are outsmarting the thief but making life easier for ourselves. Convenience is not always the best policy when trying to keep your love ones and yourself safe.

MrQuickPick has a few suggestions on where NOT to hide your keys. He should know, because he has replaced a few.

1. The Cookie Jar - sometimes the obvious is the obvious.

2. Under the doormat - which is the first place people look.

3. In the flower pot near the door - no matter how deep you put it, someone will find it.

4. Over the front door - too easy.

5. In the microwave - melt, baby, melt!

6. In the trash can in the backyard - too easy to threw out the trash.

7. In the glove compartment - first place thieves look after breaking your car window.

Think long and hard before identifying a hiding place where only two people need to know where it is, and one of them is YOU.

A great suggestion: never hide your key within 15 feet of the door it opens.

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