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September Keys

It’s September and Back to School is in full swing all over the East Coast. Before you give your child the keys to the house and/or car there are a few rules you need to go over:

  • Remind them of the importance to living in our home

  • Practice looking around the front and sides of the house before walking towards the door

  • Be aware of what is going on around them before placing in door or typing in code to get into the house. (There is a device that you can have installed which gives each child their own code for entering the house. Also having the Ring installed will alert you to who enters the house as you view the surroundings. Contact MrQuickPick for more information)

  • Allowing your child to have only one key on their chain or ring with other items is a good way to camouflage their key.

  • Set up a system with your child for what to do if their house key is lost or stolen?

  • Double checking to make sure the door is locked.

  • Routine, Routine, Routine…Practice the above steps with your child until it becomes a habit.

Have a safe and prosperous school year!

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