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5 Hot Tips for Summer Safety

Now that more people are going on vacation, here are 5 things you will need for a safe summer vacation:

1. Keep your mast handy, when in unfamiliar places or around unfamiliar people.

2. Spot check that all windows are shut and locked, as well as, doors and garage doors before leaving your premises.

3. Make sure you have hand sanitizer or wipes for quick hand cleaning.

4. Place all valuable items in the bottom of your bag, covering them up with snacks, books, blankets, or jackets.

5. Keep your bag and purse close by. Invest in a sturdy, waist bag (also known as fanny pack, belt bag, or belly bag) that can house your phone, keys, ID and cash.

Also the number one thing, to take on vacation, is only what you need. The less, the better, because it allows you to enjoy the vacation more than thinking about what you bought on the trip.

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