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8 Ways To Secure Your Sliding Glass Door

The beauty of having a glass door is the ability to have sunlight. Also, to look outside unobstructed by curtains and blinds. So what are eight ways to secure your sliding glass doors?

One way is to apply a shatterproof film or window film. They come transparent of tinted to help adjust the amount of sun coming into the room and the glass is harder to break.

Secondly, is to place blocking bars in the tracks of a sliding glass door. This stops the glass door from opening because the blocking bar is there.

Third, is to set up a flood light that is connected to a camera. This will allow you to see rather it’s a human or animal trying to break in and it will flood that area with light.

Next, are sliding patio door locks. There are a few different ones, such as security pins and window locks. Also the locks that come with the sliding glass doors.

Fourth, is surrounding the outside of the doors with alarm system notifications or smart sensors. Burglars will less likely invade your residence when an alarm is going off.

Fifth, is to get a security brace for your French doors. This will stop the doors from opening, even if the doors are unlocked. The brace holds the doors in a closed position.

Next, is glass-break detectors. They alarm when glass is broken.

Lastly, is the Padiolock. It’s a keyless keypad that allows you to lock and unlock a sliding glass door.

Sliding glass doors are a blessing to have but can pose a threat to your families safety and security. The good news, you can do all the above to minimize the threat, even hide the doors with beautiful curtains. But one thing we need to add, if you do all that, and get locked out, don’t hesitate to contact MrQuickPick Lock and Road Services at 240-244-1642. We can help you get in.


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