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Apartment Managers Head's Up!

Are you the owner or manager of an apartment complex?

It’s vital that you stay on top of the safety of your building(s). Over time, locks wear down, which can be dangerous at an apartment complex with so many people coming and going.

Your first step is to contact the best locksmith in your area to make sure your locks are secure! As a trusted commercial locksmith in the southern Maryland area, we commend checking and changing the following locks at your apartment complex regularly:

  • Main Office – many people likely have access to your keys at some point which house expensive electronics in your office. Even file cabinets containing important documents may need replacement. Safe places for staff to lock their items may need replacement keys. Also access keys can malfunction

  • Individual Apartment Locks – updating locks every few years for regular customers and replacing locks or rekeying when someone moves out

  • Storage Closets – staff turnover, lost keys and some closets are hard to open

  • Pool Gate Locks – key or door wear out over time, staff turnover, frequency of use

So let your second step be to call 240-244-1642 for MrQuickPick to help you with all your locksmith needs.

You can contact us also on the web at or

Looking forward to helping you keep your apartment complex secure!


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