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Door Locks For Your Home

Intruder Alert! Just the thought of someone violating your space can be worrisome. Don’t fret. MrQuickPick is here to help. Below are a list of 15 different door locks you can use in your house.

Door Locks

1. Knob Locks

2. Deadbolt Locks

3. Lockable Thumbturn

4. Padlocks

5. Mortise Locks

6. Keypad Door Locks

7. Lever Handle Door Locks

8. Smart Locks

9. Cam Locks

10.Chain Locks

11.Childproof Door Locks

12.Touch Screen Lock

13.Keyless Locks

14.Standard Rim Latch

15.Barrel Bolt

Now you are probably wondering where each one goes, how they work or where do they work best. MrQuickPick can answer those questions at 240-244-1642 or


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