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Property Management Companies

Security solutions for Property Management Companies have far more complex needs than the average home or business. From mitigating existing security threats to planning for crisis scenarios, anyone in charge of an apartment complex, mall or plaza will need to have a strong security system in place in case the worst happens.

MrQuickpick, knows how important the safety of your building and everyone in it is to you. We provide a wide range of locking solutions to prevent crimes and give you more control over your environment. Below is what we offer:

· Removal, Installation and Repair of deadbolt locks, electronic door locks, egress door handles, and magnetic locks and more

· Program and Repair key fobs and more

· Unlock and Repair Cabinets and Security Gates and more

· Cut, Duplicate, and Rekey, Program Transponders & Keys and more

Give us a call today (240-244-1642) to learn more about our services and “and more”. Our motto: “We Knock Out Lockouts.”


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