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Simple Master Keying System - For Small Business Owners

What is a Simple Master Keying System?

It consists of various doors that can be opened by each user, as well as one master key that can open all the doors. You can even have two doors with the same lock and the rest have different locks, but all a part of the master key system. This type of master keying system can often be found in office buildings and small companies.

Why Use Master Keys?

There are three reasons for having a master key system.

1. Convenience – it reduces the number of keys you have to fumble through in order to find the right one, less keys to carry around, and in case of an emergency you can find the key faster.

2. Control – it is easier to keep track of who has which keys, especially when employees leave.

3. Safety – only select people will have access to the master key which will reduce the number of employees having access to critical areas of the building.

Considering A Master Key System?

You can have a master key system that is simple or complex, the choice is yours.

If you want to know if this system will work for your company, or interested in a free consultation, contact us at or 240-244-1642. We look forward to providing you advice that will help inform your decisions.


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