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Stories That A Locksmith Might Hear

Life is funny.

I had to share this for a second time. Of course, with a different twist.

Young Betty, lived in a condo that looked like a boot. High priced and roomy inside.

She had so many grown children and each had a pet. So many mouths to feed; she didn’t know what to do.

Everybody wanted a key, to the front door, back door, her office door, and cars. She was the only one with a stable job. The rest weren’t even trying.

I know you are wondering how many grown children did Young Betty had? 3 sons but they each had a wife with two children and 5 pets in total. Young Betty had none.

So she called a locksmith.

MrQuickPick Lock and Road Services, is their name. He wearing a green shirt that said MrQuickPick on the shirt.

He designed her the perfect master key system. Even stamped “Master” on her one and only key.

Young Betty was thrilled to the bone. Everyone had a key to the front door, only.

The grown children were OK with that, until the landlord found out. He evicted everyone, except his wife.

Young Betty sold that house and MrQuickPick changed the locks, again.

This is just a reminder, that MrQuickPick has repeat customers. Call him for your locksmith needs at (240-244-1642) or email ( TODAY!


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