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Summer Time, Summer Time, Summer Time

The summer is here!

The children are out and in-out of the house.

Finding things for them to do can be challenging, except when you have a backyard that's kid-proof.

Here are a few suggestions for kid-proofing your backyard:

· Trim Trees – look for any limbs that are hanging loosely, dead, or need to be chopped down. Remember safety first.

· Remove Tripping Hazards – all tools, hoses, and items that can cause a person to trip or fall should be removed from the area.

· Designate a play area – let it be a fun place to go.

· Think like a child – look around the yard to see what might catch their attention or cause them to use it other than what is was intended.

· Fence your yard – make sure you have a latch that is easy to exit in case of emergency but hard for an intruder to break.

Developing a locking system for your fence is something worth calling MrQuickPick.

Contact us at or 240-244-1642. We look forward to providing you advice that will help inform your decisions, allowing you to keep your physical premises secure at all times.


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