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What’s Your Door Lock-Type?

Door locks are important. The way they look to us, enhances the beauty of our home. Which is the opposite of what you want it to look like for the thief trying to break-in. The door lock must look sturdy and unbreakable.

And yet, there are a variety of door locks on the market. MrQuickPick, can help you explore the different options available and when to use them. Or you can just read below:

Different Types Of Door Locks

1. Knob Locks – most common locks available. You can find them on your bedroom doors and hall closets, but usually not, on external doors.

2. Deadbolt Locks – are mostly used on external doors because they have a stronger protection against force entry. They come in three primary types: single, double, and vertical.

3. Mortise Locks – are mostly used on external doors. Ask MrQuickPick which is better for you dwelling verses a deadbolt lock.

4. Padlocks – are portable and not permanently attached to anything. They come either keyed or combination. You will see them hanging from lockers and gates.

5. Keypad door locks – are opened using a keypad instead of a lock. Some can be programed to allow for multiple custom codes.

6. Cam locks – are typically used on file cabinets, desk locks or cabinets.

7. Smart locks – allow for different ways to lock and unlock it. You can lock or unlock them using a key, keypad, keyfob or your phone by way of Wi-Fi.

8. Lever handle door locks – used for securing doors in offices, retail stores, and more. It’s the one that allows you to open with a natural downward hand motion.

This list is not all-inclusive, so make sure you ask MrQuickPick about other options. Take your time in selecting the best option for your property because you and everyone behind those doors need to feel safe, secure, and private.

MrQuickPick is here to help. Contact him at 240-244-1642 or


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