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Where's the Spare Key?

I was in the park one day and saw this couple trying to break into their truck. They sent their child through a small window from the back cab. They finally got the door opened, but couldn’t drive it anywhere, because there was no key for the ignition.

After I had a conversation with them, and gave them MrQuickPick’s business card, we agreed that one of the best things was knowing that they had and spare (extra) key at the house.

Has anything like that happened to you? It was a blessing for this family. So, don’t get caught

out in the cold. Get an spare (extra) key. Here are some other things you may need an extra key for:

· File cabinet

· Backyard Shed

· House Safe

· Diary

· Home Office

Where should you keep your extra key? That depends on you. I could give you some suggestions, but it would be better if you call MrQuickPick and ask him not only where to put the extra key about also to make it. You can reach us at 240-244-1642 or


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